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Beyond the Cherry Orchard | Μετά τον Βυσσινόκηπο


Beyond the cherry orchard

By  Vassilis Myrianthopoulos


A female monologue about loss


During the performance tour of “The Cherry Orchard”, the leading star starts comparing the life of the character of Lyubov Andreyevna to that of an immigrant she remembers, Anfissa.


They both left.

They were both thrown away from their cherry orchards.

Anfissa took her children with her.

Lyubov took her belongings with her.

Both women found themselves beyond their cherry orchards, on parallel directions.

Did they ever manage to forget all about their cherry orchards?

Did they ever handle the loss of their children?

Did they ever handle the loss of their love?

Between all those wars, after all those seas anyone has to cross, is it possible to gain some roots on another ground?

And at what cost?

The will to survive and the power of love, for all those women thrown away from their homes, no matter what war they faced and despite all the mistakes they had to do in the process, are what makes them the real leading stars.

Not to a great performance.

To a great life.


Direction: Vassilis Myrianthopoulos

Original Music: Konstantinos Kotoulas

Set - Costume Design: Kenny Mc Lelan

Lighting Design – Video: Argyris Theos

Sound Design: Orestis Kaberidis

Projections: Manos Arvanitakis

Assistant Director: Anastasia Lantzourakis

Photos: George Kalfamanolis

Make – up Artist: Vangelis Thodos

Hair Styling: George Doudessis


Staring: Gogo Brebou

Original Song “No More Seas”: Aleka Kanellidou


Βeyond the Cherry Orchard - trailer

Cherry Orchard | Trailer

Cherry Orchard | Trailer

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