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Born in Pireas on May 26, 1965. Studied drama, in Pelos Katselis Drama School and Drama School of Pireas, painting next to George Bournazakis, dance next to John Metsis, Leo De Pian, Konrad Bukes and Zouzou Nikoloudis and seminars by Richard Cislac and Ecole Le Coq.

It was during his studies at the drama school, when he realized what was his real aim, and it wasn’t just theatre, but the combination of movement, dance and theatre. This is his aspiration till these days, no matter what kind of theatre he is into.

His  collaboration with Zouzou Nikoloudis, was the most important step to this certain direction he had decided and his later path through the theater that is totally combined with the body, the rhythm and movement.

Since 1992 he has directed three successful feature films, directed numerous successful theater plays in Greece and Cyprus, worked in various theatre companies, has given seminars about movement in Ikaria, Mani Athens and in 1997 he established his own theatre company, «Omada Drassis». 




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